We specialize in vapor barriers, French drainage, encapsulations and debris removal.
We are the most affordable solution in our market with quality material and craftsmanship.

Vapor Barriers

We use a 10mil polyethylene liner to cover the soil in your crawlspace. We overlap seams 6 inches and tape them. We wrap around the base of any internal piers. And bring the plastic liner about 6 inches up the crawlspace wall and fasten it there.

French Drainage

We install internal and external French drains. Our French drains include a gravel-filled trench with a perforated pipe at the bottom. A sump pump is needed for any internal crawl space drains. Our goal is to move water to a safe distance from the house.


This is where Dragon Vapor Barriers can you save you $1000s compared to our competitors. Please call for an estimate today, and we will be able to show you all of the products and systems that puts your crawl space in a controlled environment.


Let us take care of this project for you. We can install insulation in your crawl space, attic, walls, or basements. Whether you need rolled, batts, reflective, or loose fill, we are here to help.

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